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Setting diamonds depends on their size, shape and type. From preparation to the final stage, including the setting of stones, it takes around three days for just one front bezel. Do not forget that the dials on the two watches are also diamond-set.

Tudor Replica has a unique technique for setting diamonds onto Carbon TPT (r).Rolex Datejust Replica Watches The traditional method of setting precious metals is much slower and more expensive.

A hole must be drilled with extreme precision to accommodate a small "jewel holder", a kind of "cage" which will perfectly clasp the stone. The tolerances in both the actual setting and production of the small holders are very small. Once the stones have been set in place, they are permanently and completely secured.

The diamonds do not need to be treated in any special way to attach them to Carbon TPT (r). Stones are of the same size and shape as those found in other Tudor Replica watches. Tudor Replica has evaluated the quality of the diamonds in its labs (replica wathces) to ensure the standards are met.

Tolerances are measured in microns. The insertion of the gem holder and the difficulty in making small adjustments make this a difficult craft. On a scale of 1 to 10, the process was rated as a clear nine.

What next? How is it possible for Tudor Replica to continue pushing the technical and creative limits, while creating watches that combine space-age materials and age-old decorative methods, as was the case with theRM07-01and RM 037. It is safe to say, without giving too much away, that the brand strives to improve its feminine watches and expand its watchmaking expertise.