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It is important to focus on the overall ethos and not just the details. For many years people would look at the details of Lyons’ 1968 XJ car and then reproduce the car in different sizes and shapes. I changed everything - for the better or for the worse. If Lyons were still alive, he'd be far ahead of us all. He was a visionary.

What led to your partnership with Bremont?

Our design department was working on the C-X75 Concept car when a guy discovered Bremont, a British watchmaker. We made only five watches, but wanted one for the dashboard.Panerai Replica I was fascinated by the Bremont brothers and the story they told. I built a relationship with them, and now love the story more than ever. It's like something out of a movie! The C-X75 was a special clock that could be converted into a pocketwatch.

Jaguar C-X75

I proposed that we make watches for owners when we built the new Lightweight E-Types. These cars cost PS1.2 million. A luxury watch would be the ideal way to keep track of the chassis and engine number. We designed the watch with each other and then created a series of production pieces using the E-Type graphics. We are definitely going to do more work together. I'm not sure what, but it will be in the future.

Bremont is the perfect partner for your passion for storytelling.

From the way they founded their company to each watch they produce, they are all brilliant. Wright Flyer is my favorite watch. I love the Endurance, the EP120 and many others. The importance of narratives is now widely recognized, but Nick and Giles are pioneers. It's wonderful to be able to tell stories, they give you a whole new perspective. I want to incorporate it into my cars so that each one tells a unique story about the company's history. With our watch, we have small details like the rotor resembling a steering wheel. The leather strap matches the same leather we use on our seats.Breitling Replica And the metal is made from the same aluminum we use in our cars. The chassis and engine numbers are engraved on the back of the watch, making it the owner's document.

Bremont Jaguar Chronographs Mk II on the Left and Mk I on the Right

Social media has made it easier to tell stories in new ways. Growing up, I watched BBC News. That was all we ever got. No shows were shown on how cars or watches were made. Today, it is so easy to find out about the past. I have great faith in the human soul and am confident that quality will endure. The art of classic workmanship is profitable, whether it is in cars or watchmaking. The people love old cars, but the skills needed to maintain them were vanishing. Now there are apprenticeships for classic car building so that a new generation can keep this tradition alive.