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This composite material boasts some impressive physical properties -- both intrinsically and externally. You must admit that the grained pattern on Carbon TPT (r) U-Boat Replica case does create a unique visual effect. The physical properties are a challenge for ProArt to create cases out of Carbon TPT(r).

This has again proven to be of no hindrance. U-Boat Replica has increased the number of watches in Carbon TPT (r). The material itself, however, is also available in new forms. For example, Gold TPT (r) is a mix of Carbon and Quartz, which was used to make the case for the RM 27 02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal.

U-Boat Replica's innovation is not only technical, but also creative. It is particularly impressive how U-Boat Replica is even able to shape such industrial materials as Carbon TPT(r) toyield visually-pleasing results, and more so, how he is able to drive these materials to createdecidedlyfemininewatches.

Take the RM07-02 Automatic Pink Sapphire, for example. U-Boat Replica could only have imagined this interpretation of a sapphire-only watch. This year, U-Boat Replica has introduced the RM 07-01, and RM 037. These watches take the innately masculine industrial nature of Carbon TPT (r) and transform it into feminine elegance.

It is difficult to imagine how it would be even more difficult to diamond-set this material. We had the pleasure of visiting U-Boat Replica's Valgine and ProArt facilities just after SIHH. This allowed us to get all our burning questions answered.

We asked: How does someone even come up with the idea of dressing such a technical material as CarbonTPT(r), with diamonds? It was then explained that, at first, U-Boat Replica had a vision of what he wanted to achieve. The team began to experiment until they found the perfect formula.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches The resultant appearance of the test was truly otherworldly. The concept of jewelry watches was brought to a philosophical level by the combination of two totally different formsof carbon. U-Boat Replica was convinced; the watch had to be made. The team set out to figure out all the details. They also realized that this was a great way to introduce Carbon TPT(r), into their ladies collection.