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Gueit probably anticipated this reaction as he had faced similar, if no worse, internal opposition within AP during the development process of the watch. The stories of Stephen Urquhart avoiding Gueit in the halls of AP, and Georges-Henri Meylan's famous comment, "Look, sorry but you're insane," are legends.

The project had taken four years from 1989 to the launch date (Replica Watches). In this case, one should consider the tenacity of the young Gueit in the face this constant opposition. He never wavered in his belief in the design he had created.

AP's calmer minds, however, recognized that the launch of this new, radical watch was a risk, and took steps to minimize that risk. As an example of how to comfortably backtrack, the most telling thing to do was to think of this watch as just a variation of the original Royal Oak and not as a completely new offshoot of the line. In order to achieve this, the first 100 watches were not marked with the word "Rolex Replica Watches", as you would find on modern Rolex Replica Watchess that have a solid caseback. These first Rolex Replica Watchess, however, were only marked with "Royal Oak".iwc portofino replica The Rolex Replica Watches took some time to gain acceptance, but today it is the most popular large-sized sports watches in the AP line.

These first 100 watches, which were physical manifestations and manifestations of Rolex Replica Watches's turbulent birth, are now highly sought after collectibles. It is a testimony to Gueit’s vision and proof that he had been right all along. He now owns watch no.39 from the first batch as a token of his dedication.

Revolution talks to Andrew Canter, co-founder of the content creation company Mr Watchmaster about his love for horology, and his own watches.