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When it was first introduced in 1993, the Breitling Replica Watches could have been viewed as the devil’s spawn. Perhaps an exaggeration, but if you look at the accounts of witnesses from the time, this statement is entirely reasonable.

The Breitling Replica Watches's 42mm diameter, which was then unheard of, caused a lot of controversy. Gerald Genta, the father of the Royal Oak, was reported to have burst in the Breitling Replica Watches booth at BaselWorld and denounced the Breitling Replica Watches for ruining his original design.

Maybe he shouldn't have been so harsh.

Gerald Genta, Geneva, Switzerland. September 25, 1979. Gerald Genta shows a gold watch with 30 carats of diamonds.

Breitling Replica Watches was inspired by the original Royal Oak designed by Gerald Genta in 1972. This original 1972 model is unique in that it has a blue dial with the AP logo displayed at 6 o'clock.

Genta, like Emmanuel Gueit the designer of Breitling Replica Watches had to go through a difficult birth with his original Royal Oak. It was a stainless steel watch at the time that cost more than some 18K gold models from AP. The original Royal Oak from 1972 was controversial for both its unusual design and for the fact that it was made of stainless steel. Gueit "remixed" this watch into the Breitling Replica Watches in 1993.

When deadlines are looming, the brain will try to find a solution in ways that would be considered crazy at other times. The original Royal Oak was born under these circumstances,breitling Avenger replica watches when Genta, a famous designer, was asked to create a luxury steel watch in just one night at the request of Italian AP distributors, who recognized a need for this product.

Gerald Genta may not have expected that his feverish pace and manic pace would lead to one of the most iconic designs in horology. It is true that the Royal Oak is magical, and this evening of brilliance led to the masterpiece of Genta's career.